Our History

In 1895, David Britcher’s Great-great-grandfather homesteaded Laurel Rock Farm. The farm started as a small farm located in a no man’s land. Over the years, the Britcher farm was handed down from generation to generation until the current owner David Britcher, Sr. received ownership.

David recalls many vivid stories of being raised on the farm, everything from collecting chicken eggs for his grandmother, riding ponies in the meadows, milking cows in the milk house, and helping grandpa slaughter cows and hogs in the courtyard. In his recollections, he remembers chilling water melons in the brook running through the barnyard, climbing the trees surrounding the chicken coop, and listening to the crickets nightly.

The farm did not stay small, year after year, the Britcher family purchased the land around the farm until it has reached the size it is today, 638 acres.

In recent years

Laurel Rock Farm was a working farm until 1972, when David Britcher, Sr., an auctioneer, formed Britcher Tents. Britcher Tents rents tents for commercial and private events in a quad-state region and is operating today. In 1992, the farm had a catastrophic accident. The barn caught fire and burned to the ground. Mr. Britcher was crushed by the event and focused his attentions on his auctions and Britcher Tents. After the barn burned, Mr. Britcher remembering his fond childhood events dreamed of rebuilding the barn and raising cattle as his father and grandfathers before him. In 2006 David made another major decision.

Currently happening

In 2006, Mr. Britcher decided to rebuild the Barn. However, instead of building it to raise cattle, he designed the Barn to accommodate weddings, parties, and conventions. During the design and building stages, Mr. Britcher enlisted the assistance of local craftsmen, the Amish. They decided to build with “Mortar and Peg” construction.

The rebuild started in 2006 and was completed in 2008. The first year saw no rest rooms, but seated 220 people. The two rest rooms, a kitchenette, a limousine drop-off, and a wedding alter in the court yard were added to the Barn for the final touches and raised the available seating to over 550. Eight areas of meadows were cleared and manicured for use with the Barn or to have a Tented Occasion on the Meadows.

Mr. Britcher’s love for antiques and the use of copper and stone work sparked the décor for the Barn. Using Mortar and Peg gives the Barn a rustic appearance and the antiques and copper adornments completed the over-all look. Recently, Mr. Britcher added the spacious, modern Laurelton. Built on the former Meadows, the Laurelton provides a classic look and atmosphere with all the amenities modern gatherings require.

So as you and your guests gather on the historical property of Laurel Rock Farm, you too are adding to its history. Enjoy, remember, and create your own history!